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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oil for the tractor

On the way to church this morning, I got to thinking, it's a good 20 minute drive, so there's plenty of time for that. No traffic, a quiet country road, so no distractions either.

I got to thinking that "life" what we know as the "spirit" in a person, the real you.... where does it come from? "What" is it, that makes a person unique, one of a kind? We know that no matter how identical, identical twins are to the human eye, they are still different.
We read in the Bible, in the Old testament, in the book of Jeremiah, ch1:v5, "Before I formed you in the belly I knew you..." So, I deduce from that, that our spirit comes from God and God decides when we are born, which family we are born into, and who our parents will be.

It also keeps the body, which is a kind of covering for it like a suit, alive, which we also read in the New Testament in the book of James, Ch2 v 26: "The body without the spirit is dead.."
and then we read in Ecclesiastes, ch3 v 21: "Who knows that the spirit of the sons of man that is going up high and the spirit of the beast that is going is going down below to the earth?"
So, from that I deduce that when we die, the body suit is dead, ( dust to dust and all that, you know?) without the spirit!
When the spirit, the real you and me, goes back to God, He then decides what to do with us.
Well then I deduce also from that, that God might want to know what we did, while we were in our "body suit"
God has got an instruction book for us!
Just a by the by.....
( We lived rural for a while, straight from the city to the country. With our property came a "You beaut tractor" My husband loved riding around on that tractor, made him look and feel like a real farmer, He wasn't one, but it made him look like one. Every day he would ride around on that tractor...he'd fill it with fuel, and off he'd go again. Till one day, a month later, he couldn't get it started...he called in the mechanic and was told.."You've ceased the motor mate, it's run out of oil!" Husband, "What do you mean run out of oil...it runs on diesel.." Mechanic, "Sure mate but the motor, the most important part, needs oil, haven't you read the instructions?" tip to men, read the instructions before you start, not as a last resort.)
In this instruction book, God gives instructions too. as to what He expects us to do, for Him to get a good impression of us. So, let's have a look at these instructions..( I know, we all think a lot faster than we can say it or type it all of this only took me about 50 seconds to think about)
The instructions tell us that God wants us to make an effort to love Him and do as He asks.
It tells us that He wants us to accept and believe that He God, sent His one and only Son, to die for us, because we are not really very nice people. No matter how hard we try to "do good" we fail miserably. We are awful. And He knows that. That is precisely why Jesus came. He gave His life for our awfulness. The Bible calls that SIN. And.. let's face it, deep down, we know we are awful... We are selfish, we steal, we are prideful, Oh? you don't agree? Have you ever taken a pen from the office and used it at home and thought, Oh well, they have plenty at work, they won't miss just this one....or have you taken an extra plastic bag from the supermarket? Sure they have them there for you to take, but when all your groceries are in bags, and you take an extra one, because you use them, you recycle them, that is still stealing...and that is the thing you see, God looks at the heart....the real you that spirit you, that lives inside the body suit.
That is SIN at work, that SIN is an inherited disease we received from Adam and Eve. They are the first two people God created.
There is absolutely nothing we can do.... to get rid of that disease! The only cure is a blood offering. The catch is.... the blood offering has to be given by someone who does not have that SIN disease. And the only one who does not have that is JESUS. He was sinless and He was also God. God is His father and He has a human mother...perfect!
Jesus hung there....on that awful cross..... in place of you and me!The worst of all he suffered was not the bodily pain, if that was all He had to suffer any human could have done that. Remember crucifixion was the norm in those days. There were crosses all over the place.
No, the worst of it all was that GOD turned His back on Jesus. God could not be in the presence of sin, and Jesus was covered with all OUR sins. Terrible...isn't it?
But that is now why we can come to God, because if we accept what Jesus did for us, and follow the instructions in the instruction book that God has put together for us, when our spirit leaves our body suit, and goes back to God, He can see that we are, in a manner of speaking, covered by that blood that Jesus shed while He hung there on that cross, Jesus bought us back, blood bought so to speak, so then jesus says to God, That spirit is mine I paid for that with my blood"

So, we have to make a choice then don't we? If we choose not to look at the instruction book and try to do it on our own, our spirit life will also cease up. So, we can't really blame God, can we?

signing off now...



  1. I so agree with you there.....What are the young people of today coming to?

  2. I meant for my comment to apply to the previous post...
    But I also agree with the above post....
    Jesus died for us, He bought us with His precious blood