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Thursday, January 22, 2009

crash helmets!

Everywhere we look....people wear crash helmets! It's the law!

If you ride a push bike....wear a crash helmet!

If you ride a motor bike.....wear a crash helmet!

Even on construction sites the law states that you must wear a helmet at all times!
Ever wondered why?

Must be a reason for it. I wonder, is it because your head is a pretty important part of your body?
Now, why would that be so? Could it be that it's because it holds your brain?
Or maybe your mind? So, what is brain and what is mind?

Is your brain also your mind? Is it the same? Hm...makes me think!

You know what I think "mind" is? It's "you" Like the spirit part that lives in your body suit, that's you too!

They are very close! But, when you really come down to it, your brain is just some gooey stuff that is kept safe inside your skull. And that is why the law states you must wear a helmet...so if you have an accident that gooey stuff is kept safely inside your skull.

Anyway, if the law thinks it is important enough to protect your brain, how much more important is it to protect your mind?

In the Bible, Paul tells us that God has provided a complete set of armour for us. WOW!

Like in the days of old?

I guess it is very important to protect the mind... we know that any idea, any plan, always first starts with "just a thought."
If we keep going back to that thought, and add to it, feed it along, eventually that what was just a thought, will..... "become...." it will take on reality. It will become a fact.... truth.... and then we start talking about it....remember it was just a thought to begin with, nothing really!
But, if we decide to put that silly thought aside, there is nothing in this thought, and we start to think about something else completely, something that is real and true.... this other thought will not get the attention it wants, it will not get fed, and it will die.

So, God has provided a set of armour for us! This complete set of armour is there for our protection. We read in Ephesians ch 6, v 11: That we should put on the complete set of armour!
Every day...put it on! How is your imagination?

WE put it on so that we will "stand against" all those thoughts that come out of nowhere! The Bible, God's instruction book, tells us that if we put it on every day, it will protect us against all those strategies and tricks from Satan. We are not "fighting people" made of flesh and blood, but we are fighting against people without bodies...the evil rulers of the unseen world.
So, what does this set of armour consist of?
well,.......... 1) there is the belt of truth. The truth of God's word and the fact that we must be truthful
2) There is the breastplate of righteousness. The breastplate protects us from a direct frontal attack,and we are covered by the righteousness of God!
3) There are the shoes for the preparation of the Gospel.... almost speaks for itself doesn't it?
4) There's the shield of faith.... It is our faith that gets put to the test more than anything....you know.....Did God really say that? Is it really written in the Bible? How do you know it's the truth? it always comes down to faith, and with the shield God's protection is there and we can stand strong and say "YES" to all those doubtful questions.
5) There's the Helmet of salvation.... I have always imagined this helmet for me, as one of those beautiful helmets the fire men used to wear....All polished and shiny and gleaming, it is part of the suit of armour for the protection of our mind. You know, those thoughts that creep in, suddenly yo are thinking stuff, and you don't know where it came from? You have never ever thought stuff like that before and it gives you the horrors?
That is satan putting thoughts into your mind, so be sure and put on your brassy beautiful helmet every morning as soon as you get up, better still wear it all night, I'm sure you can get comfortable in it! {:O))?
God's instruction book actually tells us that as soon as thoughts like that come, we are to...
"think of something beautiful, and lovely and just,...think of those things instead.
And last but not least 6) there's the Sword of the Spirit.... This is the actual Word from the Bible....it can cut like a sword...sharp.....it will tell you exactly what you can or can't do!

So, put it on....let me see how you look! Can't you just see yourself?

hm...very nice!

signing off now


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