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Monday, August 27, 2012

How did I get here?

How Did I Get Here

Proverbs 4:26 (NIV) Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm
Punctuation plays a big part in how we read and in how we express ourselves.
 "How did I get here" ..... can be seen two ways;
 how did I get here?... often asked with disappointment or....

 how did I get here! ..... often said with excitement.

 Either way, whether said in disappointment or in excitement, the said person has little to no idea how they found themselves where they are.

 There is a big difference between being where you are.....,
 and being where you want to be.

Time is so short and I don’t have the time to spend (and I am sure that you don’t either) aimlessly moving through life arriving at uncertain destinations whether pleasantly surprised or not.

 I am of the belief that life is far more predictable then we give it credit for. Just as geographical principles work to take us from one known destination to another there are principles that you can use to move you through life with confidence to predictable outcomes.

Our verse from Proverbs tells me two things.
 Firstly, where it says “make level paths for your feet this tells me that I have a choice, that I get to make the paths that I walk on.
And secondly, where it says “and take only ways that are firmthis tells me that there are not only firm, stable and established paths but also loose, unstable and unestablished paths.

 Pathways are no respecter of man. Let me give you an example, if I choose not to exercise, consume large amounts of junk food and soft drinks, I choose for myself a pathway.

The pathway that I have chosen over time will bring me to a destination called overweight and unfit. Regardless of my race, creed, colour, sex, education, IQ, net worth, goals, political view etc this pathway leads to one destination.

And if you were to do the same as me you too would end up at the same destination. I could have the best intentions in the world of wanting to be fit and healthy but my pathway determines my destination...... Direction will override intention every time.
"How did I get here?".... is actually a question that you have the answer to. You don’t have to ask others, you don’t have to ask God.
You are the only person that can actually answer that question with any level of accuracy.

 You just need to be honest with yourself.
We are where we are in life because over time we have placed one foot in front of the other and moved in a direction currently journeying towards or having arrived at a destination.
 Proverbs 27:12 says a prudent person sees trouble coming and ducks; a simpleton walks in blindly and is clobbered”. Prudent is interchangeable with wise. So a wise person sees what’s coming and makes choices accordingly.
 Being wise and actually putting serious thought into where we are going is important. If we know where we currently are we can choose the pathway to where we want to be and mark out the some of the pitfalls and obstacles that we can see along the way.

The direction that you are currently travelling, relationally, financially, spiritually, professionally....
 and the list goes on and on...... will determine where you end up in each of these respective areas.

If you want a better marriage choose a firm, stable and established pathway that directs you toward that destination.
 If you want to get out of debt choose a firm, stable and established pathway that directs you toward that destination. Direction will always, every single time override intention. Get on the right path.
Thank you Scott....
Bless you.... Yaddy

Monday, August 13, 2012

The freedom to accept and believe!

You know, there are people who are bound up.
You may ask...."What do I mean?"

Well, I lot of people have told me that they think and believe that I use my faith as a crutch...

 I might add that I am not ashamed to admit that I do just that!

But some people are afraid to surrender themselves to Jesus.

I don't really know..........
"what" it is they think they have to do, but they will try all kinds of "other" religions, just

as long as it is not Christianity.

And they truly believe that all these other religions are there for them to try and get salvation

 for their soul!

You can even read 2 or more chapters from the Bible each and every day....

you can go to every meeting that you think you should.......

give as much as you think you should......but.......

that still will not give you peace of mind....nor will it bring you the salvation you so yearn for.

I have seen that some people in India will do penance....like crawl so many steps....or....
tie a log to their back......or....

I am sure you get the picture.....

but none of it works......

You see if it did....it would mean Jesus died in vain.....as you did it all yourself.

A friend felt this way, so much so, that in desperation one night, he was ready to take his own life....

But.....just then,,,,he had a very strong thought, that came to him and persuaded him to.....


It was as if a light had gone up....and a weight had lifted from his shoulders....

He had surrendered!...... He was set free!

In his surrendering he received his freedom!
Bless you....