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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's not easy...to believe!

Did you know......that, if you sit quite still, and absolutely don't move.... and you hold your hand up, ready, as if someone is going to put something in it.... and if you sit like that long enough....something might actually happen, right there in your hand? Something might start to grow....you know....
You believe me?

You don't, do you!

When my children went to school, many years ago now already,they were shown a beautiful illustrated book, and they were even allowed to bring it home, to look at the pictures even more. And you know, it showed a tiny little horse, not much bigger then a wombat in height, and a normal full sized horse next to it, and underneath it was written: "The small horse evolved into a large horse over millions of years.

It also showed the same with a small tiger then a large really large tiger, with big teeth, and then the normal sized tiger, again it stated that the difference in size was due to evolution. And of course this also happened to the elephant. Beautiful illustrations they were, but......
would you call this evolution?
I wouldn't.

All I could see was a small animal then a larger animal exactly the same, just bigger, no change no anything different.

I always understood evolution to mean that if you had something, say a fish or a frog, that eventually it would change into something totally different, not a bigger frog or a smaller frog, that is still a frog, isn't it?

What did I miss?

How come we never see anything that is say, half a frog and half a bird? If all animals come from birds, or whatever they come from, one question I have is, why has the changing stopped and we don't see half somethings?
Say, if something takes millions of years to change from one something into a something else something, where is the something that started half a million years ago and should now be half way through it's changing?

You know what I mean?

But every time we see on the telly in nature shows,when they show us the fossils of ferns and star fish, that were preserved there in the rock fossils, millions of years ago.....they are still ferns and star fish..

(Have you anything in your hand yet?)

You know what I think? I think it is much harder to believe in evolution than it is to believe in God.

If I have a problem, I can honestly say that it is much easier for me to give it to my God, and He will handle it for me. And it works.

what do people have, who believe in evolution? They have to figure everything out for themselves, and what if they figure it out all wrong?

Oh, how's your hand going...anything there yet?

I think I would rather believe in God,and live according to His rules, and in the end go to live with Him, and, if I am wrong, and there is no God, like every one says, I did nothing wrong with the way I lived, and I then will only still go where every one else goes...I won't have lost anything....but.....if every one is wrong...
then I'll be worse off.

Oh, I forgot to tell you....you may have to wait a couple of million years.....



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