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Keith Green - Oh Lord, You're Beautiful

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Had dream the other night......

I was dreaming that I was standing in a large crowd. There were lots of people there.
Most of them I did not know, some familiar faces were there and I was wondering what was going on.

When I started looking around I suddenly began to "know" what was happening.

A feeling of panic came over me, a feeling of, "What am I going to do?" I felt so helpless..

I saw someone walk forward and he was regal and royal looking, He looked at me, and I was flooded with peace.....beautiful peace.....but.....

I remember reading in the Bible a description of Jesus, and he looked very similar.

He stopped and came towards me and looked at me.... and I could see the love He had for me, shining from His eyes....
Every one who was there, was on their knees with head bowed, but He said,

" Rise up...I am the first and the last...."

He continued walking to the front of the crowd and turned around.

As I saw Him, I began to think of all the wonderful times I had spent with Him in my prayers and how I knew, I just knew he was there, with me, and joy flooded over me again and again.

When He was seated, the crowd began to move forward at a slow pace because there were so many. As they walked past me, I could see, some were actually crying.....some were saying, "Please Lord, give me one more chance...."

others said, "God, please have mercy on me..."

and yet others just kept repeating..."Oh please God.... please God....please God...."

But, as I stood and watched, it was obvious that time for pleading was over.

They had one fate...and it was frightening...petrifying!

I stood there, watching in horror, wanting so desperately to wake up, yet also wanting to see what was going to happen.

Time after time, I heard and listened, as they told their grant stories of all the marvelous earthly deeds they had done, and all the good works they had performed, all the people they had helped.

Some even bragged about the miracles they had done..."Lord, we performed miracles in your name.... we cast out demons in your name....."

But I knew that without the "blood of Christ to atone for their sins" their good deeds would never measure up, to what Christ had done on the cross.

As the time went on and on one after the other, they were led away, never to be seen again, and I noticed many of their loved ones who were watching, with tears of anguish, knowing there was nothing more they could do, as it was too late now!

Then, I saw someone I thought I recognised....

Oh, please God....it was my brother Keith.

He had so often defended the faith when he was a young teenager, on fire for the Lord....what had happened? Here he was, he slowly raised his head and looked at me......and I called out his name...."Keith....oh no....Keith....not you..."

He began to weep.......Oh how I wished I would wake up...out of this horrifying nightmare....

but as I stood there, I could hear the Lord begin His judgment on my brother.....

in shock and horror I fell to my knees and began to weep uncontrollably! I knew what was awaiting him and there was nothing more I could do for him, as far as I was concerned,

I was too late. As I wept, I remembered all the good times we had when we were young, the places we had been to and the secrets we had shared......

Keith was a good man. He had a heart of gold and would do almost anything for any one!

But without Christ....he was without hope!

As I looked up,with tears running down my face, I could hear the Lord remembering sin after sin,after sin, that my brother had committed, in his lifetime.

Helpless to change his fate, I cried until I could cry no more....and I woke up.

There and then, I prayed and begged the Lord that He would send someone whom my brother would listen to as he refused to listen to his own family...and that he would repent of his erring ways....
Please.....allow Jesus to walk in your life......


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