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Monday, March 31, 2014

A littleleaven leaveneth the whole lump!

Many parents are working hard, to explain to their children and teens.....WHY....a lot of the games they play on their gadgets....as well as a lot of todays movies, music,books and magazines are not acceptable for them to bring to their home!

One parent came up with an original idea that was hard to refute!

He listened to all the reasons his children gave......for wanting to see a particular PG rated movie.
It had their favourite actors as well....everyone of their friends were allowed to see it, even some of their church friends were allowed to go and see it!

And, besides, it was only rated pg because of "suggestions" of wrong behaviour....no one actually "did" anything wrong!
And they only used the Lord's name in vain 3 times in the whole movie!
Even with all these explanations, the dad still would not let them go and see the movie.

He didn't even explain "why" he said "NO" he just said ...NO...

A little later that night, the same dad asked his teenagers and their friends, would they like some biscuits he had made that afternoon?

He did explain that he had used the favourite family recipe, but had added something new!

They asked what it was?

He calmly answered that he had added a special ingredient..... dog-poo!

He explained that there was only the tiniest little bit of dogpoo in the mix, not even a teaspoon, maybe even less....
all the other ingredients were the same as always!

He had followed the recipe exactly as needed, set the oven on precisely the right temperature....
he was sure the biscuits would be absolutely perfect!

Even with all the explanations of how well he had done everything, and how good they would taste....no one wantd to taste one!

No one!!!

The dad acted surprised!!!!

He assured them........just because he'd added the one little bit of extra, which they would hardly notice....it would not make any difference to the flavour at all, because there was such a little bit in the mix.....
but they assured him.....they would not try the biscuits!

He then explained to them, that the movie they wanted to see....was just like those biscuits.

Sin enters our mind....it starts with what we see.....the imagination continues it on....and before we know it.....what was wrong to start with, seems alright after a while.
The eye is the mirror to our soul....what we see, enters our mind, which will dwell on it if we let it.....and then it enters our spirit, and then it seems quite alright to continue with that sin, which seemed so little to begin with....
but becomes bigger as we encourage it and let it grow.

With the biscuits, just a little made all the difference, between a great biscuit, and an unacceptable biscuit.
The movie people want us to believe that all the movies that are coming out are acceptable for all to see.
They are so explicit in all they show, for example....if you saw a peeping tom at your bedroom window, watching you undress you'd call the police, but going to the movies and watching the same scene is allowable!
Something's not right there is it!?

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