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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A glimpse of Eternity.....

There were two more nights to go before I was to fly out of Mauritius to New Zealand.

The next night I was woken by a tapping on my window.
It was a girl saying, “Ian, I want to talk to you, let me in.” As I knew the girl, I thought nothing of it.
Half asleep I walked to the door and unlocked it. The moment I opened the door...... she grabbed it...... and I saw her eyes. I could see the same red tinge in her eyes, that I had seen in the eyes that had haunted me for the last two nights.

She began to speak in word perfect English.......She was Creole and had never spoken perfect English.

She said, “You are coming with us tonight Ian. We are going to take you somewhere.”

Then I heard other footsteps coming.

I tried to pull the door closed but it was as if this girl had gained a supernatural strength and I couldn’t move it.
Then out of my heart came the words, “In Jesus’ name – go!

She reeled backwards as if she had been punched in the chest.

As I watched her recoil back up.... I slammed the door in her face and locked it.
I was shaken but safe for the time being.

Finally it was my last night and I was all packed and ready to go.
A taxi was coming for me at 5am.
I went to sleep, but was woken in the night, this time by stones hitting the window.

It was the girl again.

I was prepared and had locked the doors, but I had left a small window open.

I thought, “Whatever these creatures are, they are out to kill me and they are using humans to do it!”

I was about to jump up and shut the window when a big black arm came through it and flicked the latch.

I heard the girl softly saying,”Ian, we want to talk to you.....Come out.”
I was pretending to be asleep and the stones came on the windows again.

This time she was louder, “Ian, come out.”

Then heavier stones began coming right through the window and she was angry now, “Ian, come out!”

I turned suddenly and saw a spear coming through the open window towards me.

I grabbed my flashlight. “The best form of defence is attack” I thought and I shone the flashlight into the spear wielder’s eyes.

There was that red tint again!

I leapt up screaming for all I was worth, grabbed his spear and thrust it back at him so he loosed its hold.

I threw it out the window and slammed the window shut.

Quickly I shone the flashlight outside on three men and a woman.

They cowered away like dogs about to be stoned.

What amazed me was how afraid of the light they were.
to be cont'd

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