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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I have heard so much about this new movie "Noah" starring Russell crowe.
I for one will not go and see it! Why?
Well, it's not a Christian movie and it's not made by a Christian producer and it does not follow the Bible correctly at all.
And I do not want my hard earned money to go to some one who makes a mockery of my faith,and then use it, to make more blasphemous movies.

I have been putting bits and pieces around the place.....letting people and friends know that I am not in favour of it.....so much so.....
that a dear friend of mine is getting totally sick of me criticising it all the time....I have not really criticised the movie, only the bits that I have seen of it.
The young lass that was sick of hearing me kindly told me, "I hear a lot of Christians criticise the movie, before they have seen it..."
So I informed her that, that was not what I had done, I had commented on the bits I had seen, not said anything about what I had not seen...
Another friend blasted me with....."For goodness sake, don't you think that your true Christian friends know the difference, and after all it is a movie..... for entertainment!

I reminded her, that not so long ago, an atheist friend of hers was overheard saying.....
"Did you know that the giant Goliath, in the story with David, was a normal sized man but David was a midget?"

Now......he had not read the Bible....so....where do you suppose he might have heard something like that?
A movie?
As I tried to tell her, it's not my Christian friends I am trying to get through to, for, as she correctly stated, they "know" the Bible, it's any unbelieving friends I am trying to get through to, for them NOT to believe this ridiculous adaptation of a Bible story that is no where near correct.

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