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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day light saving finished this weekend.

And I am so glad that it has.....

Don't get me wrong....I love daylight saving all through summer, but.....
our days are not like they are in the northern hemisphere.....early light and long days and short nights.

Our days, even in summer, with daylight saving are still short.....the longest day and it is practically dark by 8.30pm.
The mornings are light early, hence day light saving was introduced, quite a few years ago.....

Oh, there were the usual arguments against it....funny really...like the curtains would fade with more sunshining on them longer...that kinda thing....
I love the early mornings....have always been an early riser.....but.....as we drift into autumn, the days are getting shorter so
daylight saving was not really working now, this late into April...We had to switch on the lights in the mornings, as well as later in the evenings...defeating it's purpose.
I was in Europe a few years ago....we left in October, and the days were getting really short, so much so I was getting homesick for my home country here, for the bright early mornings, for even in winter, our early mornings are light as early as 6.30 7.ooam
Not like in Europe where it is still dark at 8.30am.

So tonight we all put our clocks back one hour and I will wake up around 6.00am and it will be bright daylight....
love it!

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