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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A glimpse of Eternity....

As I stood there........ questions began racing through my heart;
“Is this just a force, as the Buddhists say, or karma or Yin and Yang?

Is this just some innate power or energy source.... or could there actually be someone standing in there?”

I was still questioning it all.

As I thought these thoughts...... a voice spoke to me, from the centre of the light.

It was the same voice that I had heard earlier in the evening.

The voice said, “Ian, do you wish to return?”
I was shaken to learn that there was someone in the centre of the light......... and whoever it was knew my name.

It was as though the person could hear my inner thoughts as speech.

I then thought to myself “Return.......return – to where?

Where am I?”

Quickly looking behind me I could see the tunnel dissipating back into darkness.

I thought I must be in my hospital bed dreaming............. and I closed my eyes.

“Is this real?

Am I actually standing here......me.... Ian..... standing in real life.... here......is this real?”

Then the Lord spoke again. “Do you wish to return?”

I replied “If I am out of my body I don’t know where I am......I wish to return.”

The response was “If you wish to return Ian, you must see in a new light.”

The moment I heard the words “see in a new light,” something clicked.

I remembered being given a Christmas card, which said, “Jesus is the light of the world”, and

“God is light and there is no darkness in him.”

I had meditated upon those words at that time.

I’d just come from darkness, and there was certainly no darkness here. I realised then that the light could be coming from God, and if it was – then what was I doing here? I didn’t deserve to be here.
to be cont'd....
Bless you Yaddy

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