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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glimpse of Eternity......

There is no relationship to time in that place.

The people there can't tell what time it is.

They can't tell whether they’ve been there ten minutes, ten years or 10,000 years.

They had no relationship to time.

It was a frightening place.

The Bible says that there are two kingdoms,
the Kingdom of Darkness, which is ruled by Satan, and the Kingdom of Light.

The book of Jude says that the place of darkness was actually prepared for angels that disobeyed God, not for people..... ever.

And...... it was the scariest and the most frightening and the most terrifying place I have ever been in.

I would never wish or hope that even my worst enemy went to hell.

I had no idea how to get out of that place. How do you ever get out of hell?

But I had already prayed, and I was wondering why I'd gone there, because I'd prayed just before I died, and asked God to forgive me for my sins.

I was weeping by now and I literally cried out to God, "Why am I here, I've asked you for forgiveness, why am I here? I've turned my heart to you, why am I here?"

Then a brilliant light shone upon me and literally drew me out of the darkness.

The Bible says that "a great light has shone into darkness, on those walking in the shadow of death and darkness, and has guided their feet into the paths of peace and righteousness".

As I stood there an amazing beam of light pierced through the darkness from above me and shone on my face. This light began to encompass me and a sense of weightlessness overwhelmed me.

I lifted off the ground and begin to ascend up into this brilliant white light, like a speck of dust caught in a beam of sunlight.
to be cont'd

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