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Monday, February 10, 2014

A glimpse of Eternity....

A nurse behind me was filling a huge syringe......like a horse syringe.

She was squeezing the air out of it....She tried to stick it in my arm but no vein came up.

So she lifted my skin up, put the needle in and started pushing the liquid in.

It filled up my vein like a small balloon. I could see how nervous she was because the needle was inside the vein and it looked like it was shaking so much that it would tear my vein open.

She left that needle in and someone passed her another needle.

Again.........it blew the vein up.

The nurse looked at the doctor and asked him,.... “Another one?”........ The doctor nodded.

So she tried another one.
the nurse was now trying to massage it in...... but it was rolling..... the vein was actually rolling off her thumb.

She couldn’t get the anti-toxin into the blood, it was just not moving.

My heart was obviously not pumping around enough blood.

My veins were collapsing.

I'd done veterinary science in my degree so I had studied and understood basic physiology and anatomy.

I understood what was going on, but I couldn't do anything about it.

I understood that I was slipping into a comatose state.......I was totally paralysed......and my heart was barely pumping.

As I was watching the needles..........I felt myself slipping further and further away.

I couldn’t communicate any more......I couldn’t say a thing,

but I could still hear everything that was being said about and around me.

I had no idea that what I'd been stung by, was a box jellyfish or a Sea-wasp.

The box jellyfish exudes the second deadliest venom known to man.

Being stung only once has killed up to 60 people in Darwin alone over the last 20 years.

For six months of the year they put up a skull and cross bones sign on the beaches in Darwin to prevent bathers from going into the water to swim. I had enough toxins in me to kill me five times over.

Normally a person dies within fifteen minutes of the initial sting and I didn't have it just on a muscle, I had it right across my veins.

The doctor looked me in the eye and said, “Don't be afraid.” I thought, "Mate, you're more afraid than I am."

I could see the paranoia in his eyes. I was lifted up and put on a bed with my drip feed.

The doctor stood over me sponging my head. The drip feed they had put in my veins was bringing liquid back into my body and I was starting to perspire on my forehead.
The doctor was wiping it from my face, but then he walked off for a few minutes. As I lay there I could feel it dripping into my eyes and it started to blur my vision, it was like tears coming into my eyes.

“I've got to keep my eyes open.” ......I told myself.

I willed the doctor to come back and wipe my face but he didn't return.

I tried to speak, “Doctor come back” but my lips would not move.

I tried to tilt my head but my head wouldn't move.
So I flicked it out with my eyelids..... I squeezed a little out but it was still blurry. I kept squeezing my eyelids shut.

It worked a little, and then all of a sudden I sighed, like a sigh of relief and I knew something had happened.

to be cont'd...

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