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Sunday, February 23, 2014

A glimspe of Eternity......


For God, who said,
“Let there be light in the darkness,”
has made us understand that this light
is the brightness of the glory of God
that is seen in the face of Jesus."

2 Corinthians 4:6 (NIV)

As I looked up....... I could see I was being drawn into a large circular shaped opening far above me – a tunnel.

I didn’t want to look behind me in case I fell back into the darkness.

I was very happy to be out of that darkness.

As I entered the tunnel I could see that the source of the light was emanating from the very end of the tunnel.

It looked unspeakably bright, as if it was the centre of the universe.........the source of all light and power.

It was more brilliant than the sun more radiant than any diamond.... brighter than a laser beam light.

Yet you could look right into it.

As I looked...... I was literally drawn to it.....drawn like a moth into the presence of a flame.

I was being pulled through the air at an amazing speed towards the end of the tunnel – towards the source of the light.

As I was being translated through the air, I could see successive waves of thicker intensity light break off the source and start travelling up the tunnel towards me.

The first wave of light gave off an amazing warmth and comfort.

It was as though the light wasn’t just material in nature but was a ‘living light’ that transmitted an emotion.

The light passed into me and filled me with a sense of love and acceptance.
Half way down another wave of light passed into me......This light gave off total and complete peace.

I had looked for many years for ‘peace of mind’ but had only found fleeting moments of it.

At school I had read from Keats to Shakespeare to try and get peace of mind.

I had tried alcohol....I had tried education.....I had tried sport.....I had tried relationships with women....

I had tried drugs.....I tried everything I could think of, to find peace and contentment in my life, and I’d never found it.

Now from the top of my head..... to the base of my feet..... I found myself totally at peace.

My next thought was “I wonder what my body looks like?” In the darkness I hadn’t been able to see my hands in front of my face. I thought “I must be able to see clearly now that I’m in this light.”

As I looked to my right to my amazement there was my arm and hand but I could see straight through them.

I was transparent like a spirit....only, my body was full of the same light that was shining on me from the end of the tunnel. It was as if I was full of light.

The third wave near the end of the tunnel was total joy.

It was so exciting, that I knew, that, what I was about to see, would be the most awesome experience in all my life.

My mind couldn’t even conceive where I was going, and my words couldn’t communicate what I saw.
I came out of the end of the tunnel and seemed to be standing upright before the source of all the light and power.

My whole vision was taken up with this incredible light.

It looked like a white fire..... or a mountain of cut diamonds, sparkling with the most indescribable brilliance.

I immediately thought of it as aura, then as glory. I had seen pictures of Jesus with a little halo or small glow around his face yet this glory was all encompassing, overwhelming, awe inspiring.

Jesus died to rescue us from the place I’d just come from, He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, and he is now seated at the right-hand of the Father, and is glorified, surrounded by light and in him there is no darkness.

He is the King of Glory, the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords and the King of all the Kings.

I saw at that moment what I believe was the glory of the Lord.

In the Old Testament, Moses went up Mount Sinai for 30 days and he saw the glory of the Lord. He came down and his face shone. Moses face shone so much with the glory of the Lord that he had to put on a veil, so that the people wouldn’t be afraid. He had seen the light of God, the glory of God. Paul was blinded by a glorious light on the road to Damascus, the glory of Jesus. And I was now standing there seeing this incredible light and glory.
to be cont'd

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