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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


who climbed a mountain, she should have avoided. No one would have blamed her, had she stayed behind at 12 degrees below zero.

Even frosty the snowman would have prefered a nice open log fire.

Hardly a day for skiing, but......her husband insisted.....so she went.

While waiting for the ski lift, she realized she had to go to the bathroom.....urgently.......but

assured that there would be one at the top of the lift,she, and her bladder endured the bouncy ride to the top, (only to discover that there was none...).she began to panic.

Her husband had an idea....Why not go over into the woods....(since she was all in white....no one would notice.....) So she went!


She arranged her ski suit at half mast and fortunately, no one could see her!

Unfortunately, no one had told her to first remove her skis, and before you could say..."Shine on harvest moon..."
she was streaking....... backwards.......down the slope.....revealing more about herself than she had ever intended. With arms flailing and skis sailing, she sped under the lift she'd just left.....and collided with a tree.

As she scrambled to cover her essentials, she discovered she had a broken arm.
Her husband had rushed over to her with the ski-patrol and they took her into the hospital.

While being treated in the emergency room, they brought in a man with a broken leg and he was placed next to her.

She asked him...."How did you break your leg?"

"It was the darndest thing..." He replied. "I was riding on the ski lift, and I couldn't believe my eyes, there was this crazy woman, skiing backwards....at top speed...I leaned forward to get a better look and I guess I didn't realize how far I'd moved....
I fell out of the lift..."

Then he turned to her and asked...."So....how did you break your arm?"

Bless you,


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