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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Chinese farmer's rule!

Stand with your arm outstretched....turn slowly around in a circle, and pray for everything you see through your fingers!

That is what farmer LO did....every evening while standing on the dam, near his rice field. He stretched out one arm, spread his fingers......and slowly turned on the spot!

He looked rather strange doing this and his neighbours assumed he was doing some kind of Tay-quong exercises.

But, a group of the neighbouring boys crept up to him and they heard him praying!
He prayed for everything he saw...."Lord, bless my neighbour, give him a bountiful harvest.."
He saw his friends water buffalo and prayed, " Lord, please keep the animal healthy and strong..."
Lo was the only Christian in the area and the neighbours thought he was a little crazy!

LO died of a heart attack, when he was 51.

One by one, accidents started to happen.

The buffalo ran amuck......then there was a drought, no harvest...

The villagers came together and realized that because LO was no longer praying, that, that was why things were happening!

So, they searched all through LO's house, to try and find out "which" god he was praying to! They were sorry they had not taken more notice!
In order to find out, they threw Joss-sticks on the altar, but the statue of the warrior there fell over....every night.....finally they had had an idea!
The statue "fell" the same way each night, so they checked "which way" it was pointing! They followed this through and came back to LO's house, where they found a small book which they put on the altar, then waited.

Later that day, a young man came to the village. He started to say..."Let me tell you about Jesus..."
They grabbed him and chased him out, telling him they did not want his idolatry!

As they chased him past the altar, the statue had fallen again, and as he looked, he saw the little book they had put there, in front of the statue!

He stopped....picked it up and said, "This is a Bible.....where did you get it?"
They stared at him and asked, " Do you know what that book is?"

"Of course, " he said, "It's the book about Jesus Christ, He answers prayers like no other..."
They told him that the book belonged to a local farmer, and that they actually thought he was a bit "silly in the head" "but we can see now, that his prayers worked, please tell us about this God?"
As he started to tell them, he had his thumb inside the Bible and when he looked it was the story of the Phillistine's god.."Dagon" falling before the Ark of God.

The villagers are now Christians and every evening you can see them....

Arms out stretched!

Bless you...


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