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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A glimpse of Eternity.....

I was becoming furious and frustrated by this. I sat there trying to keep myself calm, because I knew that if I got too excited the poison would move quicker.

My right hand started to shake. It was twitching strangely between my knuckles..... in spasms.

The twitching came up my arm and into my face and my teeth began chattering.
Soon my whole body............. every muscle, started to twitch and contract with the death shakes.

I was literally leaving my seat with each contraction as the poison was reacting with my muscles.
The Chinese men came running over and three men tried to hold me down.
They couldn't contain me.......I was throwing them off.

When I came out of this incredible shaking......... a deadly cold crept over my bone marrow.

I could literally see a darkness creeping over the inner part of my bone.
It was like death creeping over me.....I knew my body was dying.......... right before my eyes.
I was incredibly cold.

The men started putting blankets all over me trying to keep me warm. One of them tried to pour milk down my throat, presuming I had swallowed toxin.

I could see one vehicle in the hotel carpark. I knew to which man it belonged as he had often driven past me and sounded his horn when I had hitchhiked from place to place.

I pleaded with him to take me in his car to the hospital but he answered, “No, we wait for ambulance white boy.” I was so mad I wanted to hit him, but I couldn’t move either of my arms.

I wondered if I could head-butt him but I realised that the adrenaline it would use might kill me.

So I sat there thinking, “I don't think I'm ever going to get there.”

Just then the ambulance arrived and out of nowhere Daniel appeared with another security man. They picked me up in their arms and took off. I realised then that Daniel had initially gone straight to the switchboard and phoned the hospital himself.

The ambulance came screaming in with its headlights sweeping the carpark, did a U-turn in front of the hotel, and took off again! The ambulance driver was from a black hospital, so when there was no one at the front of the Chinese hotel to collect, he obviously thought he had his instructions wrong.

So there I was, desperate, half way to the gates, and I could see the ambulance disappearing around the corner. I tried to whistle... but my mouth was so parched that I couldn’t get a sound out.

Daniel saw what I was trying to do so he wolf whistled as loud as he could.
It ricocheted off the wall and down the road.

The ambulance driver must have had his window down because the red brake lights came on and to my great relief he backed up. The ambulance was an old Renault 4 with a front seat taken out and a camp stretcher put in its place. That's it boys, that's the ambulance!

I wasn't worried.... I didn't care what took me there......... The driver didn't even get out of the ambulance. He leaned over, opened the door and Daniel dropped me in on the stretcher.

No, “How's your mother? How are you? Do you want a blanket? What’s wrong with you?” He was just the driver and off he went. I was trying not to close my eyes, knowing that I had to stay awake until I got some anti-toxins. If only I could stay alive until I reached the hospital.
to be cont'd

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