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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A glimpse of eternity cont'd

I felt like I was on fire.......

I could feel the poison going through my blood stream and it punched at something under my arm.

A lymph gland was being hit.

It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to breathe into my right lung.

My right lung was being constricted by my wetsuit so I undid my wetsuit with my left arm, peeled it off and put on my trousers while I could still move.

My mouth was dry and I sat there dripping with perspiration.

I could feel the poison moving. I could feel a sharp pain in my back as if someone had hit me in the kidneys.
I was trying not to move..... trying not to panic...... We were only half way to shore and I could literally feel the poison pulsating and moving through my blood system.

I didn’t know what direction my blood went in until that night, but I tell you what, I became really interested in which way my blood circulated!

The poison was now numbing out the whole of my right leg,..... and I had enough common sense to know that, if it got down that leg..... and back up to my heart..... or my brain..... then I was dead.

As I was coming to shore, my vision was blurring.

I was finding it difficult to focus......
We reached the shore and I stood up to get out of the boat and my right leg crumbled underneath me.

I fell right onto the crayfish in the bottom of the boat.
The young boy stood back a bit shocked, then he motioned for me to put my arm around his neck.

I put my arm around his neck, grabbed my paralysed arm with my good arm, and just held on.

He dragged me out of the boat and then up the beach on the coral sand.
He got me up onto the main road....... It was about midnight.......
The place was desolate - no cars......no nothing.

I was holding on to the young boy wondering how on earth I was going to get from there to the hospital at such a late time of the night.

I was so weak in my right leg that I sat down on the tarmac.
The young boy tried to help me.... but in the end he started pointing to the ocean again saying, “My brothers, I need to get them”. but I said, “No, stay here and help me.” I knew the others could safely swim in from the reef because the jellyfish were on the outside of the reef.

But he took off, and I was left alone on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Hope drained from me and I lay down to rest....
to be cont'd

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