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Friday, June 18, 2010

The miracle of the fly!

It was a sweltering hot day, and I decided I would go and cool off a little in our back yard pool..

I was kind of leaning up against the side of the pool and looking around, the sun was glistening on the water, in the ripples I was making with my hand, and though how beautiful it was, what, with the colours and all...it made me think of how good God is and how good he is at creating things...

I also closed my eyes now and then, and was fascinated with the colours I could still see, through my closed eye lids..

When I opened my eyes again.......the first thing I saw....was a fly!

It was floating....fluttering and struggling....floundering....trying to "fly" away!

I looked at it and thought, "You've had it fly....." then looked at something else.

Who cares about a fly, anyway.

A while later I looked back, and the dumb thing was still struggling, trying to fly...it was making lots of little ripples, trying to get a foot hold on something that wasn't there.
But it was too far away from the side, for a fly, and there was absolutely no hope for the stupid thing ever!

Maybe....if the fly could see what I could see, and give up and drown.....he'd be done with it!

I kept watching the silly thing.....and I suddenly began to identify with it!
( I know....silly thought, but I did)

I mean.....wasn't I just like that fly? Well, in a manner of speaking!

I get myself in these dumb situations...then I even do dumber things......

What if........what if God was watching ME in some detached sort of way, waiting for me to "just give up and drown?"

(Can you believe...I suddenly wanted that fly not to drown?)

I wanted it to live......I really did!

So.....I put my hand out, and let it slowly, all wet and dripping, climb up on my finger.

There it sat......on my hand.....weak....very weak......but still "hanging in there"

Yay for the fly!

I waded to the steps of the pool and placed the tiny thing on the pebble deck, so it could dry out!

It only sat there for a few seconds, stretching and drying it's wings, and then.....it took off......it was gone!


In my heart, I know that I know.........that God cares for me a lot more than I cared for that fly.

The fantastic Heart of God feels my needs and He is already cupping His mighty hands underneath me, to save me from whatever I need saving from.

There is just one major difference.......

The fly will never ever know, what happened there, just then, in the pool.

All "it" knew was, that something terrible had happened...... and then something happened.......
and the terrible was over!

Now I know this is silly, but humor me......all I knew was that...as I stood there, in the water, I realized that the only way I could have let the fly know what had happened was, if I had become a fly myself, and communicated it to him.

Oh...how I love Jesus,...... for that is exactly what HE did!


But it cost Him his live....the other "flies" killed him for his trouble...... He knew ahead of time this would happen, but he came anyway!

"Alright" you can say, "That wasn't a miracle, any one could have rescued a fly..." and you are so right, spot on, absolutely correct.....but......

you are looking at this miracle from the wrong side.......

How about...... looking at it from the fly's side?

Wouldn't you call it a miracle from the fly's point of view?

musings from Pat Boone.
Bless you.....


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