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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Also in the small things......

A friend of mine told me....

"I did not become a Christian until a teenager.

And, one day I was rummaging through an old attic cupboard, where I discovered this old well worn guitar.
It looked like it had gone through a fire or some other catastrophe and was pretty well almost gone, but I thought I might be able to learn to play on it, even though I had no idea how to use it, but  I figured I could sort of teach myself.
Then  I became a Christian, and my life had to make a few changes.....I went to university and had to learn to budget.

I rented a room from a lovely elderly lady, especially picked by my parents, and she would watch over me and continue to "groom" me to become a God loving adult.

I received a cheque once a month, and the first thing that came out of that was my tithe, then I paid Mrs Jones her monthly rent for the room. She decided that, seeing I was not there all day every day, I could use her butter and milk, as that would not be all that much...and so I went shopping with the left over out of my cheque.
I would buy each month....a good serving of fish......a large serving of vegetables...and a very very large bag of flour.
So once a month, I had a fantastic meal of fish and lots of vegetables, and for the rest of the month I made pancakes from the flour.

Then it happened.......one of the guitar strings snapped......ohhhh!
As I walked back to my room, from uni, I thought I'd ask God to see what He could do.

My prayer went something like this...."Dear God, my guitar string broke, do you think you could find a way around, for you to give me $5 so I can buy a new one?  But on second thought, maybe You'd better forget this, as there are so many needy people who have so much bigger problems, don't worry about my guitar string as I can learn to live without it...sorry I even brought it up...."

By that time I had arrived back at my lodgings and Mrs Jones was there waiting for me

She remarked "Weren't you here last weekend?".
I replied, "No...I went home to visit my mum and dad..."
"Oh.." she said, "But you paid rent for your room?"
"Yes..."  I said, that is because I wanted you to keep it for me so it stands to reason that I would pay for it even if I am not here!"
"Oh no dear..." said Mrs Jones...."You did not use any of the electricity, nor water, you don't have to pay for what you don't use...here is $5 dollars back..I'm sure you can use it?"

All I could do was say.....THANK YOU GOD...for caring about the small things too!"
(Musings from Vivian)
Bless you...

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