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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to "witness to others"

I often hear people say to me..."Sure, it's easy for you, you just start to talk and somehow people open up to you and virtually tell you their life story, but they don't do that with me.....how do "I" witness to somebody?"

So, Have you ever read how the apostle Paul witnessed to King Agrippa? Imagine your self in Paul's shoes, but speak to "your neighbour/friend/stranger...who ever you think, for that moment, you would like to witness to.

If we go and read, then see, how Paul did it, we can follow suit....

In Acts chapter 26 we will give it a start.

Here, Paul has "earned" the right to be heard when the king allows him to speak.
Now, this idea of "earning" your right to speak, does not mean that you are allowed to speak because of your position in life, or because your opinion is so fantastic, no.....rather, you have earned the "right"

What I mean is this.....for example.....If I am having a conversation with some one, and they actually bring up their belief system, or meaningful life changing events, and I politely sit and listen to them, by virtue of the fact that I did that, sit and listen, that then gives me the same" right to be heard" too...I gave them that right, they then are obliged to give me the same right...a kind of "right of reply" as they say in the courts.

To deny me this right would be very ignorant and rude, seeing I listened with attention and respect to what they had to say.

Back to Paul......
 he, after he had earned the right to be heard, complimented the king by saying what the king was good at, people love compliments.

But Paul then shares with king Agrippa where, he, Paul comes from.

This was all part of his own personal history, people like to hear a bit of your background, and even though the witnessing by Paul did not change the kings mind, it does help us to see what we can use from our own history and use it as part of our own testimony.
So......1) Earning the right to be heard..
          2) a brief history of where you came from, and
          3) your conversion experience ( how you came to Christ and where you are now in Christ)

Bless you


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