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Thursday, April 30, 2009

You know what really worries me?

I do not like bad language, nor do I like blaspheming.

I have found over the years, that a lot of Christians have told me they will go to clubs and bars...to... "In their own words" set a good example of how a Christian should behave.

(Well, in my opinion a Christian should not be in a bar or club on a regular basis to begin with, but....)
Then I ask..."Why is it....that Christians will follow a non Christian and behave like one...."just to fit in" but it is hardly ever the other way around?
I was "out" with a non christian a while ago.....he swears like a trooper, and just by default, all because I was with this person, every one around us "assumed" that I would use the same kind of language this person used.....

Now, I have asked my close friends please not to use bad language, and mostly they comply, but I can't ask everybody, especially if they are not as close as close friends.

To come back to those who "do" go to clubs and bars on a regular basis, mostly I find they become luke warm Christians and then stay away from church all together...so...whatever excuse they used....it does not work!

And that really worries me!

Bless you....


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