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Monday, April 6, 2009


Hi, I'm a jet pilot. I teach young up coming pilots how to fly classified planes.
You've seen seen the movie "top gun?" Well, we do all that....and more....in half an hour.

Afterwards, the new young pilot usually needs help, to get out of the cockpit, as we do a lot of vertical flying and when we fly horizontal, it's maybe 500 yards above the ground over a desert somewhere. And the trouble with that is, none of the new young pilots "know" that that is coming!

Oh, they "thought" they knew...they had seen them being flown, they had flown planes, jets even....
but not "these" planes. They didn't even know how the seat they sat in, worked.


That was a shock to me.....the fact that they were not prepared!

Now, listen to what I think..... I don't know if you have realized this or not but we are living very close to the last days.
I know....... no one knows exactly when, but when the signs are very good to tell us it's close!
I deal with a lot of scientists and PHD's and I am appalled at what I'm seeing, both in the blindness of these men...and what they fear!

Their concern about the rapidity of the development of technology, 20 years ago, why most of the scientists of our world had a good handle on "where" we were going but today.....it's frightening them. WHY?

Because it's multiplying faster than any single group can stay ahead of. It takes advanced computers to stay ahead of what's happening today, and the rapidity of the advance of our science.
GOD said, "In the last days, there will be a great increase in travel and knowledge...
(Daniel Ch 12 end of chapter)
This story brought it home to me!

I was in a jet fighter, leaving my home base going to Townsville airport, only 8 minutes in this type of plane.
When I got over the base it was clouded in with weather, so I got hooked into the radar.

As I was about to make my approach, the radar controller changed voices and the senior controller came on and asked me how much fuel I had. I told him I had plenty!

The controller then said, "We'd like you to break off the approach, there's a smaller plane, up above the clouds, he's just about out of fuel, he's got no instruments,and he's terrified! You're the closest, could you go and intercept him?"
So I went back up and pulled up beside him. I think it was a "piper cherokee four seater" of some type...very small!

As I pulled up along side him, I got the frequencies right...... then I called him.

"Look to your left..." I said..... and he saw this beautiful modern jet fighter.....sitting there.....beside him....landing gear down......full flaps and everything but my arms out...to slow down to his maximum speed.......

he burst into tears!!!

I said to him...."I want you to do only one thing...I am going to pull in just ahead of you......you
are going to sit 100 yards behind me...and I want you to follow me!

If I turn.....you turn....I'll be gentle....I'll make sure I don't loose you.....
We'll get into the clouds....it will get a little hazy....BUT I WILL BE THERE.....

even if you think I'm not......You'll still see me.....will you do that?"

He was so emotional, he took a little time to reply, but I saw him nod in agreement.
And..... so he did!

He followed me exactly....when I turned...... he turned

when I took a left....he took a left....
we came back....came through the clouds.... and..... there was the run way right in front of us!

All those beautiful lights......

I can't tell you the emotions that man had, when he came up and embraced me, afterwards.


and it also occurred to me...."I HAD THE WORDS OF LIFE IN MY HANDS"

That's the comparison that struck me!

So, I urge you my friend, go about the business of telling others of the greatest gift God has ever given to this world.....HIS SON....JESUS CHRIST!

Bless you...


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