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Friday, March 1, 2013

Why is it......?

Why is it.....that people accept most of what they hear or see on the television?

They don't bother to check with any authority on the stated subject, as to whether the speaker is correct or not.

The amount of times I have heard orators say that "in their opinion..." or..."I think...." which to me says that they are guessing.
Obviously they are, in their opinion, correct with their own opinion....or thinking...

This is how I have heard a lot of people start their converstion when you aske them something about the Bible.

After a lot of small talk, the conversation gets around to some topic that could be described as coming from the Bible...
and immediately their answer is...."Well, I think...."

They obviously don't realise that it doesn't really matter what I or anyone else thinks, it shopuld always come back to the Bible.

O.K. then they say...."Well..... I believe some of the Bible just not everything..."
So...."who" decides.....what is correct and believable and what is not?

The small puny human being, who, in the sceme of things is no bigger than an ant....?

Or the almighty GOD...
creator of heaven and earth.

Coming back to what people hear or see on the telly....I heard an interviewer ask a well known naturalist...
"Did he, in all the beauty of nature, see God in any of it?"

The nature expert gave this answer...."How can you believe in a God who makes a worm that crawls inside a childs eye....
then eats the eye so bad the child becomes blind?"

Well, no one questioned this man, as he is an expert and he should know....right?

(In my opinion the interviewer should have done his homework and checked out what the naturalist was inclined to answer as he had given that answer before, and he could have corrected him, but he hadn't..... and he didn't)

Well, the nature expert was wrong.... I happen to receive a magazine callen "Creation"
(answers in Genesis)web site www.answersingenesis.org.check it here


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