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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What is/was the point she was making?

We were discussing LOVE at our Bible study today, and one of the ladies there was trying to say that, due to the fact that her son who needed a lot of carers and, I might add, most of them were from other religions…and quite a few were Muslims as a matter of fact……. But…….she said, they were such....lovely caring people.

So I said....”Well, no matter how lovely and caring they are, unless they have Jesus in their live and have accepted Him, no matter how loving and caring they are they won’t make it.

She then said, “Well, no, I wasn’t referring to “bringing them Jesus...!”

So I asked what her point was?

She then went on to tell us that before the war, in Europe, where she lived, all the different religions lived segregated,
(and I can vouch for that as they did the same even after the war, in other places in Europe). and no Roman.Catholic. kid was allowed to play with a Protestant kid, and once the town they lived in was flattened and bombed, and rebuilt, every one lived “where ever” and not segregated anymore...
all the kids played with one another never mind what religion they were.”

Another lady then commented that, ....”yes, children don’t worry about who has what religion, it’s the parents who do....”

But this lady went on to say, “Isn’t it lovely though that they did all that and showed so much love to others, shouldn’t we be doing that too?”

So....what was her point?

Do we only have to show “love” to others?

Is that the main thing we have to show?

Was that the point she was making?

I then suggested that maybe because a lot of people think that “being good” is enough and we should all be good, well, that’s all there is to it.

It seems that today, a lot of people do not believe in GOD anymore, so once you are dead....that’s it!

I then commented that maybe that is why there is so much crime and it is getting worse, because if all you have to do is be good, and then “nothing” why not be bad, as there is “nothing” then too?

See what I mean?

So.....If there is nothing....why bother?
So....we HAVE to bring Jesus into it...HE is our only hope....

So…..was that the point?

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