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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes it feels like God had left me.......

Don't you sometimes feel, God is not there?

In my life, I guess that’s where faith comes in. God hasn’t really left me/us, He just sometimes seems veiled to us.
I once read in an illustration, where a child out walking with his mother was continually stopping and getting distracted and running off., as children will often do....don't we all know that!

The mother briefly stepped out of view into a doorway. It took a few moments for the errant child to realize his mother was missing.
Suddenly....... the distractions stopped to attract him and his one passion was to find his mother’s face. Scary.....
The child learned his lesson and kept his hand in his mother’s for the rest of the way.

Could that be why God sometimes obscures himself for a time in our lives?

Maybe He also wants our single-minded attention and wants us to just look or and find Him!

A friend told me once, of putting her little girl to bed.
Until the light was put out, she was happily playing in the crib, oblivious to her mother, in the room.

But, when the light went out, the little one immediately stood up and gripped the edge of the crib, anxious to know that someone familiar was there. My friend then told me how sweet the baby’s arms were, tightly placed around her neck. The baby had needed security and found it in her mother. She didn’t have the need until the lights around her were out.

Sometimes the light in our lives goes out. Plans we have made, hopes and dreams we have had are totally rearranged by the Lord. Things seem murky and senseless. Those are the times, especially, when we need to reach out for the Lord and grasp tightly to Him. As His children, we are so easily distracted and so quickly removed from that kind of love and security in His presence.

Bless you...


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