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Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have two cousins, one is older, a good deal older then the other. Lets call her Joan, the younger one we will call Pat.
Joan visits her mum on a regular basis, say roughly every 5 weeks or so. Her mum is a widow.
Uncle died two years earlier. It's a good one and half hour drive so the visits are not all that long.
Pat lives close by and keeps her eye on her mother.

Aunt is getting on in years too, she will be 90 soon, and her eye sight is not what it used to be. She had a cataract removed from each eye which did help, but, well, you know how it is!

Pat has younger children and they love running through nanna's house, which nan does not mind, but, they also have left vegemite finger marks all over the hall way wall.

So, Joan noticed this on her last visit, and has decided that next visit she will bring a bucket and brush and spray cleaner, and when her mother is getting lunch ready, Joan will clean up the wall a little for her mum.

She puts the gear in the car and off she goes.

As she arrives and she has a coffee with her mum....... Pat also arrives.

This is nothing unusual as it is a good opportunity for the 2 sister to also have a chat and a catch up. Besides their mother loves to have the two of them there too.

Pat comes in and after she's had her coffee, calls Joan aside and explains that....

"I noticed mum had some marks on the hall way wall, so......while you chat with mum, keep her busy, I will go and clean the wall for her so it won't look so bad"

Meanwhile......three ladies from aunt's church arrive, to also have a visit and coffee with my aunt.

They are let in by Pat, and see Joan sitting, talking to her aunt, while Pat is busy working her fingers to the bone.

They say nothing while visiting, but, as soon as they all leave and get back into their car, the conversation starts.

"Did you see poor Pat doing all that hard work while Joan is sitting there not doing anything, just chatting with her mum?"

Now tell me........isn't that how gossip starts?

Those ladies had no idea what plans Joan and Pat had...... before they arrived....


Bless you


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