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Monday, July 18, 2016

Have a blessed day

Have a Blessed day,

I am looking out into the backyard and it looks beautiful. There’s a bit of a fog today, yesterday there was a big white frost....we have the air conditioner going and it’s lovely and warm, inside!

Yet, if you walk outside you find that, what you see from the window, is not exactly the same, once you go outside.

The trees and the plants bear the cost of the frosts that we have been having. The grass crackles underfoot, and it is not warm and cosy, like it is inside!

This is how it is with sin.

Sin can look so beautiful, and inviting......sin calls out to us promising what it cannot give.

It is only when you are in the midst of sin that you see the results.

If you were to go to a club your would see people drinking and dancing the night away.They are all laughing and seem to be having a wonderful time!

But.....you do not see the after affects, of over indulging, when people are slumped over the toilet throwing up all that fun......

or feel the headache from the hangover, the next morning.

Cheating on your spouse can seem like fun at first.

The sneaking around and getting away with it for awhile. It all seems so “normal” when we see it in the movies or T.V. sit coms and other serials.

But TV and movies don't often show the result of families torn apart, and broken hearts like broken glass, scattered everywhere.

Sin is like a hook with bait, it entices us to want to take a nibble and then when Satan is through with us, he throws us away like a dirty paper towel.

God wants us to avoid sin. Some people think that God wants to keep us from having fun.

The truth is God wants to keep us from being hurt.

God says to us that He can give us joy without a hangover, or a broken home.

God warns us about sin because He loves us. Yet, when we do sin, He is merciful and forgives us.

He brings healing to our hearts and lives, even after we feel we are destroyed for ever.

As His children, let us seek to stay afar away from sin as possible.

Never let us be guilty of seeing just how much we can get away with.......Instead let us walk so close to Jesus that we can recognize the call of sin as soon as we see it and stay away from it, like we would a dangerous snake.

Remember Satan chose to bring sin in this world by a snake and sin's bite is just as dangerous as a poisonous snake.
Have a blessed day.
Thank you Betty
Blessings Yaddy

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