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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our proximity to the tribulation!

Futurists examine trends and attempt to extrapolate where these trends may lead.

It is a fascinating field and anybody who spends any time looking at this subject will inevitably come to the conclusion that humanity apparently stands on the brink of change; far more fundamental than any ever experienced in our collective history.

Transhumanism is one such change.

The Singularity is another.
Strange names of concepts that remain alien to many. These terms will soon be as commonplace to us as “tweeting” and “Facebook.”

The scale of change humanity will witness in the next one hundred years is beyond the ability of most to truly appreciate. Most assume that technological development is constant, and that it is slow. It is not constant or slow. The more advanced technology gets the faster the rate of technological development until it becomes an exponential rate of development. Technological development is advancing faster and faster each and every day.

To illustrate this rate of change...... think of the following example.

The change in technological advancement during the lifetime of a child born today, in 2015, if she was to live a full life and be able to look back to her childhood as an old woman would be the same level of change as a child today going back in time from 2015 to 1750.

Such will be the amazing advances made during her short seventy year lifetime.
Read more here raptureready.com

He continues........

"There is, however, one flaw in all these predictions. All these predictions, (even if they are based on trends that we can anticipate, and technology we know will be developed), are flawed.

These predictions are not going to happen.

These future technologies far exceed the technology predicted in the book of Revelation.

We already have the technology necessary to fulfill the technological requirements for Revelation and the Tribulation period.

If humanity were to continue along its present rate of technological development then the technology we would have in just twenty years would begin to far exceed the technology necessary for the tribulation period to occur.

We already have the technology necessary to implement a Mark of the Beast system. We just do not yet have the will to enforce it, yet.

We already have the technology necessary to restrict the buying and selling capacity of each and every human being on this earth, just not the will to enforce it.
We already have the technology to destroy the earth....and we have had this capability for some time now....
We are now entering the time when, for the first time, it will become necessary to have a one world currency system, due to a complete systemic breakdown of our current economic systems. With this one world economic system will come a one world governing system and the necessary judicial systems to back this up. The technology for the implementation of this is already here. Indeed, do a quick Google search, the calls for a one world government are now loud and proud, with the most vocal being the current Pontiff, Francis I."

See www.raptureready.com/soap2/ward27.html for much more interesting information on this and see just how close we really are...thank you
Matt Ward


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