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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Around 1999......

Around 1999, a Chicago businessman called, said that he had listened to
Hells Best Kept Secret. here and asked if I would like to take a team to Israel.

He would cover the cost, if I would do a little teaching on the side.

Fast forward a few months.

I was in a large tour bus on the way back to Jerusalem after visiting Jericho.

While the rest of the passengers were in the back of the bus chatting, I was like a wide-eyed little kid, up the front on the right side with my nose up against the window.

I could see across a massive valley thousands of feet below. Perhaps I was looking at the very spot where the Good Samaritan helped the beaten stranger.

Suddenly the bus was over the edge of the three thousand foot cliff

I was so terrified I couldn't even draw a breath.

I was a dead man.

We were all dead!

Life was over!

Just as suddenly........

the bus turned left...... and we were moseying along the road as though nothing had happened.

But it had.

I had been as good as dead..... and returned from the grave.
You see......
To turn left on the road, the driver had swung the large bus right first to accommodate the sharp corner, putting the front right side over the massive cliff edge while the rest of the bus remained safely on the road.

I looked at the rest of the passengers who were still chatting down the back of the bus.

Everyone was oblivious to the fact that I had died and come back to life in a matter of seconds.

I can't adequately express how I exploded with gratitude to God that I was still in the land of the living.

Six months before my conversion to Jesus Christ I found myself over a deep and dark chasm. With all my success as a young businessman, I had the breath-taking and terrifying revelation that it was just a matter of time until death swallowed me, and I was utterly helpless and hopeless. Suddenly, life took a radical turn. I was born again, moseying along on the straight and narrow knowing that I had everlasting life! God rescued me from death itself through the power of the everlasting gospel.

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And so I'm no stranger to tears of gratitude. It's the everlasting high octane fuel that motivates me to reach the lost.

No words can express my gratitude that God saved me from the valley of the shadow of death. What I can't put into words, I put into works.
Ray Comfort


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