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Friday, November 2, 2012

We need rain really bad.

We have not had any for at least 8 weeks and everything, like the grass and surrounds, are so dry, it crackles under your feet.

Now, this dryness is not unusual here in our country, but it still is not nice. All the plants I have in my garden are naturally growing here and we don’t water them. We have shrubs called “Bottle brushes” because the flowers look like a bottle brush…

beautiful bottle brush in bloom!

And we have wattle trees, they have the most beautiful scent come spring and bright yellow trusses of flowers shaped like bunches of grapes and little yellow balls instead of grapes.
We do grow some cactii too, they can obviously stand the dryness… one has grown right up to the top of a large gum tree….

And, because we do still have a little bit of green grass around our home, we have had up to 10 kangaroos here every morning and evening, and I love watching them.
Some are mothers, with a tiny baby in her pouch, and it might poke it’s little head out to have a look around…. some are big ones and usually are looking for an argument…want to show off their strength.
Yesterday two little ones were playing “chasings” with each other….they were running around a pine tree I have….loving the run! They must feel comfortable here, to let themselves go like that! We have a large pond( we call them a dam) and it is quite full so they come here for water too.

And of course we hear the cockatoos every day we also have black ones and their call is quite different from the white ones, so I only have to hear them and I know the black ones are about. There are quite a few assorted parrots and rosellas they are so cute….The rosellas nest around here somewhere, and I have come to recognise a call the male makes to his mate, while she is sitting on the eggs, I get the impression that he calls every so often to let her know he is still there, waiting for her. So lovely!

I saw the full moon yesterday morning….it was so beautiful!
It’s the very first time I ever saw a full moon in the early hours of the morning, I was up early and happen to look outside and there it was…. not for very long….but I sure enjoyed it!

Yesterday was a very hot day, for spring, 98f and today it is a cool day…That is what the weather does here, in spring…..hot one day and cool the next….But we sure need that rain.

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