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Monday, November 26, 2012

We don't celebrate thanksgiving....

But.....that does not mean we are not thankful!

These last 12 months have been so different for me.
I am not one to visit doctors or hospitals very much and the last time I did, before all this, was in 1972.

So I am so thankful that I came through all this o.k.

I am grateful that God, in His mercy, saw fit to use me as an example.

Example of what? you might ask?

Well, I am sure there were lots of people who were watching me.....

how is she going to take "this"?

I'll bet she'll complain.....

Physio.....for me???? No way.....( yes I did go to physio, had to)

Met some lovely people on the way....(Who knows God may have put those people there at just the time I happened to be there, so God could use me to be there for them?)

You know what I mean?

I know, during my stay in the hospital, I met a lovely lady who, after a day or so, opened up to me about something that happened in her past, which she had never mentioned to anyone else before.....The Lord knew she would be there....then used me...

(With 20/20 vision hindsight which is wondewrful, I can see that now)

Yep......I am so very thankful,.....'

that the Lord saw fit to use me.......
wonderful isn't it?
Bless you...

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