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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do we all have problems?

We had a church camp this last weekend.....it went well. It was only a couple of hours drive from here, but the thought that we were "away" sure did wonders. Which brings me to another thought.....because we were "not at home" there was a totally different feeling and also a totally different outlook on life, even if only for the weekend. Things left behind for the weekend, were not thought about......they were still there, but.....you know what I mean? So....why is it that we feel we "need to get away from it all for a while?" We don't really escape the unpleasantness! Could it be that "people" want to escape for a while, because they do not know God? Some years ago, I heard some one say..."Come to Jesus and all your problems will be over..." Could that be why people feel they want to escape? Because when I heard the above....I winced.....and when I left that meeting I thought to myself..."Is that what we are showing to people? A picture of salvation that promises us that "never again" will we struggle with problems? If the above is the truth, then I am missing out, because I am struggling a lot with problems...even by going away for a weekend, the problems will still be there, when we arrive home again. The young person mentioned above might have been very sincere in what he said, but he was very sincerely wrong! Problems will always be with us, but above all we must never forget....butso too will God! Blessings...... Yaddy

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