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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Do you ever tell a lie?

Even what is known as a "white lie?"
I mean...really.....a lie is a lie....is a lie.....no matter what the colour....right?
The thing is.....when ever we refuse to face anything that is "truth" something dies inside us!
Why...do you supose that is?

I imagine it could be...because we are made in His image....A God who does not lie.....so....when
He designed us....He made us in such a way, that when ever we actually speak....or live....a lie....
we are deprived inside!
Do you think that could be so?

We are designed...right from the beginning...when God created Adam and Eve, for truth....

and we can't function right...unless we live by that truth!

That is why, I think, when a rational human being, knows....that something is a lie, he can't
convince him or herself, it is the truth.

I am sure we have seen a lie detector in action?
Some one is trying to hide the truth, but not very convincingly!

Some one might be able to fool another person, but it is not so easy to fool a machine.

It seems to have something to do with the nervous system, and the lie detector senses this and the needle goes funny and tells every one..."Hey...he's telling a lie!"

Interesting...isn't it...that this little test machine shows the fact that we are made for truth and righteousness?
It is very important then, that we, as followers of Jesus Christ, learn to live according to His plan,
and face everything that is truth....even if it sometimes is unpleasant!
But after all....If we do follow after Him, and His resources, then He, through the Holy Spirit will work in us to make us the kind of people He wants us to be!

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