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Thursday, March 8, 2012

NO Way through!

Sometimes it can be so hard, to face reality, but we cannot escape it!
I know lots and lots of people do "try" to do so, as often as they can, but it is a useless exercise!

Every time we begin a new path that we believe will take us "away"from anything unpleasant,
there is a sign that says  "DEAD END"

But.....what is Reality?

According to my dictionary it is 'what is real'- and- 'the way things are'

So, we can no more escape from reality than we can jump out of our skin, so to speak!
And those who do try to escape, well we know it as 'escapism'

Advertising is a kind of escapism you know....The Island in the sun......that holiday you have always wanted to take.... so....take it NOW!!!....kinda thing?

Now, don't get me wrong....taking a holiday is fine, but, if the reason is to 'escape' from something instead of taking a well earned rest and break....well..... enough said....right?

If we turn to God, we can face reality with confidence and grace.....no matter how 'unpleasant'
that reality might be. We should never fear reality, and if we are whole in God, we won't.
Bless you

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