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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well, I have returned!

My arm is on the mend and I have had quite a few lessons in patience!
I believe all things happen for a reason, so this fall I had was also for a reason. I had a short hospital stay and some of the other patients had heard what had happened and called me "that miracle lady"
Then they went on to tell me what "Could have happened"

Don't I know it.

Something told me to wear my boots that morning...I was thinking it would be to hot for wearing boots, we are heading into the warmer weather, but I put them on anyway!
If I hadn't I could have broken one or both ankles....I didn't!
God was so with me!
I am slowly getting the use of my left arm back, and I am so grateful that it was my left arm, and only my left arm, that was the problem.
I fell down 10 concrete steps and landed on my face on a concrete floor!
My face is still looking like I had a double injection of Botox, and I also had 4 stitches in my lip! I can't whistle anymore....oh well!
God is so good!

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