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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How....to explain to some one.......

I was thinking of a way to explain to some one....."why" Jesus had to die on a cross.

If....God loves us, and is all powerful, why couldn't He just forgive us from heaven and be done with it?
Why.....did Jesus have to be born a human, and die a criminal.....so that "I" could be saved?

And although some hard questions may not have easy answers, this side of heaven....... there is an explanation for why Jesus had to die to secure our....my....salvation.
It's sort of like this story....( very sort of)

A young lad loved to play basket ball and due to the fact that he loved it so much, he practiced and practiced every day, so he would be good enough to play on his favourite team.
he was allowed to "dribble the ball inside the house during winter, so he could keep on practicing, but there were some restrictions.
"No dribbling in the lounge room" as that was where his mum's mother's vase was, which was an antique as well.

The lad stuck to the rule, till, one day, he got so carried away with his dribbling of the ball, and it was going so good, before he realised he was in "the room" and the ball got away from him and as he covered his eyes so as not to see what was happening, he could hear.....what he did not want to hear!

On the floor.....lay the antique vase...in several.....several.... broken pieces.

He placed all the broken bits into a shoe box, and waited for his mum to come home.
As he expected, she was very upset, and did not speak to him till the next morning.
She called him into the bedroom, to talk to him about the consequences of his disobedience.
To the lad's very surprise, she tenderly forgave him for breaking the vase.

Then, to his mother's surprise, he presented her with the vase.....all glued back together again with white school glue, and there were only a few pieces missing.

"WE" are that broken vase.
We were/are broken by sin anjd all the forgiveness of God's great heart cannot change the fact that we would have stayed broken, had God not taken action past forgiving!

Apart from God taking action to put us back together again, the best we could do is try to patch ourselves up, through our own efforts,( which a lot of people still think they can do)
But, all "our" efforts to patch up our lives are no better than white glue on a broken vase.
By our own efforts.....we just stay worthless vases, unworthy of display on heaven's shelves.
Our only hope is that God will make us new again, not just patch us up, but make us brand new....a new creation!
The mum in my story could not make the vase new again, she was not it's creator.
Neither could the lad.

But....Jesus is the creator of the world....and He alone can make us new again. And, that is why he came! That's why he died!

Our hope is in the fact that he is greater than death!
His resurrection proved it!
So, he has everything he needs.....to give us new life!
All we have to do is accept the need for it and reach out in faith to him for this gift!
Turning away from our own efforts we turen to Jesus and are renewed!
Won't you turn to Jesus?
Bless you....

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