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Friday, March 18, 2011

Been away for some days....

We've been away for some days....and I feel.....well....real down.

We called on some elderly family on my husbands side and.....as usual, the conversation led to the Bible and "religion"
His sister in law keeps telling us that...."she follows the 10 commandments,does as the good book says......and.... "I should be alright"

I cannot seem to get through to her that following the 10 commandments and doing what the good book says, is not good enough.
Any one can do that!

I suggested that maybe if she really believed in Jesus and that He was God's son, and if she accepted that He died in her place....then she would be good following the good book, which, I might add, in a later conversation she admitted she never read.

Oh, frustration....frustration....
and her daughter then tried to make it sound as if what her mum did was o.k. really...."mum does good things all the time..."

I answered, maybe a bit harsly, and frustrated, "Doing good things is not good enough....you have to admit that there is nothing good in you, and only Jesus can save you!"

I will send her some things in the mail, maybe they will help and re-awaken her to the love and fellowship of God.

We went on to another relative....she is very sick and was in hospital.
We sat with her for a good two hours..She blames her late husband for her being sick....so my husband, her brother, asked....."And where do you think Harry is?"

She looked up to the ceiling.....then shook both her hands in what looked like fists.....looked around the room and said...."I don't know, but I hope I don't go where he is...!"

What can/do you say to people like that?
Later I asked my husband, did he think maybe I should post her some follow up stuff too...?"
He said...."Oh, no....she would not agree to that at all...."
Again, in my frustration I said....."Well.....don't think you are all going to have a party in hell together...it won't be fun, believe me!"

Lord, forgive me for saying things like that...help me not to get frustrated, you didn't, please keep me from the same and help me to be kind, tenderhearted, and willing to answer any questions they might want to ask me thank you lord....in your precious name I aske this...amen
Thank you for listening....bless you



  1. Bless you yaddy, for trying to tell them.
    Witnessing to family can really be frustrating.