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Monday, November 8, 2010

Watch and Pray.....

Matthew 26:41, “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation.  The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak”

No one on this earth is temptation proof.  Even mature believers in Christ have weaknesses in their spiritual armour that make them vulnerable to satan’s attack.

Temptation is an urge to do something we know is wrong and certainly troubles each one of us, saved or unsaved.  It may well be some sin, or something we tend to excuse like impatience, pride, programs we shouldn’t watch or places we shouldn’t be in. 

Maybe it’s gossip, or a short temper. 

I’m quite sure you will be able to add your own temptation to the above list.  I would venture to say, that nearly every day we must choose between doing what pleases the Lord and what appeals to our old nature and our own selfish desires.

We have all seen while driving, load limit signs on highways, and especially on bridges.

If you have taken an elevator to get to an upper floor, maybe in a department store, the elevator has a load limit, just as the highways and bridges. 
Those individuals (engineers) who designed these structures knew that too much strain or weight, could and would, cause severe damage or even complete collapse. 

You could also make the argument that the same limits apply to us as individuals!

As human beings, we also have limits of our own, but those limits vary from person to person.  As believers in Christ, our Lord knows our limitations and will never allow any difficulties to enter our lives that exceed our strength and ability to endure.  This is especially true when we are enticed by a temptation to sin.
1 Corinthians 10:13 puts it this way, “God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able.”

Tim my next door neighbour told me about a dog he had when he was a boy.  His father would occasionally test the dog’s obedience.  He would place a tempting piece of meat on the floor and give the command, No! 

The dog, which must have had a strong urge to go for the meat, was placed in a most difficult situation, to obey or disobey, his master’s command.  Tim said, “The dog never looked at the meat.”  He seemed to feel that if he did, the temptation to disobey would be too great.

So, he looked steadily at my father’s face.  Tim then made this spiritual application:  There is a lesson for us all.  Always look up to the Master’s face.

Yes, that is good advice.  God, of course, will not tempt us to do wrong (James 1:13).  We do encounter many temptations, though, and if we keep our eyes fixed on the Lord Jesus we will be able to overcome them.  When we are confronted by enticements that could easily overwhelm, us, we need to look to Christ and follow His direction.  Seeing Him and hearing Him as He is revealed in the Scriptures will give you the discernment to know what is right, and the desire and strength to obey Him.

bless you


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