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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


They had some real problems, but in spite of all those, they still reached 1000's of people for Christ.

It was located in the wrong place.......

and besides this, most other people looked on the members with scorn and ridicule.

They did not even have a building in which to meet!!!!

It was poor and most of the members were also on the verge of poverty!
And.......none of the members were actually "trained" for the job!

The membership was small.....barely 120.

And the treasurer had just run off with the little money they did have!!!
lol...The chief leader of this church had a way of putting his foot in his mouth, he was constantly making people mad!

And, as in any church, there were those who "thought" differently to most, and wanted the others to change their thinking....several were leaving, because.....well.... just because......they were being persecuted!

The ONE thing this church had going for it was the power of Holy Spirit.

It was the church in Jerusalem described in the book of Acts.
Yet....with all it's problems....this church baptized 3000 people after it's first revival service!
God is good.....
Bless you.....

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