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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What did Jesus say about the end times?

By Terry James.

Let’s dissect carefully what Jesus predicts for the times just ahead.

I say with confidence that Jesus tells the future from this moment forward, based upon what I’m convinced His words are speaking to this generation at this very hour.

He prophesied in the Luke 17: 26–30 passages that in the “days” He, the “Son of man,” is about to break into earth’s history, mankind will be doing certain things.

It will be a time like the days of Noah before the Flood......

and the days of Lot while he was still in Sodom.

"People", the Lord said, "will be eating, drinking, marrying, building, buying, selling, and planting". Things will be going along pretty much as normal for the time.

The Lord indicates no catastrophic, worldwide socio-economic breakdown of any sort in this time immediately before

“the Son of man is revealed” (Luke 17: 30) —the time He breaks into human history.

This time cannot be the Second Advent of Revelation 19: 11.

At the time the Lord of lords and King of kings breaks through the planetary darkness of death and destruction at Armageddon, perhaps as many as three-fourths of all people on earth will have died as a result of wars, pestilence, and geophysical disasters brought about by God’s judgment and wrath upon an incorrigibly wicked, unrepentant world of earth-dwellers.

In other words, planet earth’s living conditions at the time of Christ’s return "in power and glory" at Armageddon will not be anything like living conditions at the time of His intervention into human affairs as He describes in "the days of Noah, and the days of Lot" prophecy.

At the end of the seven-year Tribulation period, it will be anything but "business as usual".

It will truly be hell on earth when Jesus comes to destroy all human government and the soul-rending carnage it has produced.

So, Jesus, (in the Luke 17 account)was foretelling the days leading up to the time when He calls His Church to Himself —“His Church” meaning all born-again believers who have lived and died during the Church Age (Age of Grace).

This is known as the Rapture. To learn more about this stupendous event, read 1 Corinthians 15: 51–55, 1 Thessalonians 4: 13–18, John 14: 1–3, and Revelation 4: 1–2.

To repeat, Jesus was not describing His coming back to earth in the Luke 17: 26–30 prophecy. He was telling about His coming to the planet to receive His people —Christians —to Himself. Christians —the Church —then will accompany Him back to the heavenly places He has prepared for them in the Father’s house —heaven.
Terry James
Thank you Terry

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