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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fifty shades of grey! Is any one else concerned?

I don't want to deal with this. Bleh. It's not going away, so I am just going to say this and move on. Fifty Shades of Grey is everywhere. I will say, I have not read this book. I scanned a few sample chapters online to get a good idea of the storyline. I was fairly traumatized. And felt sad. Sentences about the main charatcter's inner goddess jumping up and down like a cheerleader with poms poms made me cringe. For whatever reason, women are turning those pages, even while pumping their gas. I saw this with my own eyes. I had to honk at the woman in front of me in line. She might have stood there for another hour. She was devouring that book. I wanted to holler out my van window, …
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