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Monday, June 23, 2014

Biblical characters....

It’s great to take heart from the Scriptures when reading about biblical characters such as



and others......

Great men of God as they were, I’m sure that there must have been times when they wondered if they’d heard God correctly.

In their own understanding they probably viewed the challenges they faced as almost insurmountable.

They had to stand up and confront the popular and distasteful culture of the day,

enduring trials along the way......

However, they trusted God.

They believed and took Him at his Word.
They did not have the whole Bible like we do.....today! Yet......

Today, there is so much contention about what God is supposed to be saying in His written Word. People write books and say they have coversations with God....would that not be like saying....

"Well, God said this to me and said to write it all down...."
to me that is adding to God's word.....

There is enough in the Bible....God's word....and He tells us we are not to add or take away from His Word...

So......are they really hearing from God?

I can’t help being reminded that casting such doubts originally began with the evil one when he tempted Eve with those words, “Did God really say … ?”

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