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Friday, July 24, 2009


It was one of the hottest dry season, we had not seen rain for almost 2 months.
The crops were dying and the cows were dry.
All the creeks and streams had been dry for months.

If this kept up, a lot of farmers would go bankrupt.

Every day, my husband would go and do the task of feeding, and trying to get water to the stock.
This actually involved a tanker that first needed to be filled, and then taken to the paddocks to water the stock.

If we didn't see rain soon.....we would lose everything! AND....
it was precisely on this day, that I saw the greatest miracle I ever witnessed!

I was in the kitchen making lunches for the men....when I saw little Billy walking towards the woods.

He wasn't walking like he usually did, no, he had "purposeful strides" like, he had a job to do!

I could only see his back, but he was obviously being very careful, doing........something!

Minutes after he had disappeared...he came running back again, towards the house.

I kept making the lunches.

About 20 minutes later.....there he was again.....doing the same careful walk.....

This went on for an hour, and it was getting too much for me, so I sneaked out and followed him, being very careful not to let him see me.

I watched, as he was cupping both his little hands in front of him, being careful not to spill the maybe two spoonfuls of water that he held in his cupped hands.

Branches and leaves slapped in his face, but he ignored them. He had a bigger job to do....and he was doing it!

As I got closer.....I saw the most amazing sight!

Several large deer loomed up in front of him...and Billy walked right up to them.....

I nearly screamed......for him to get away........

a huge buck with large antlers was so close......but he did not threaten him.
He did not even move.....as Billy knelt down.

And then.....I saw a tiny little fawn.....lying on the ground.....it was obviously suffering from heat exhaustion and it lifted it's tiny little head to lap the precious water from my beautiful little son's tiny hands.

When the water was gone....Billy jumped up to run back to the house....I hid behind a tree.
I then followed him back to the house, and there, at a tap round the back, he turned it on full blast, but.....only a little trickle came out.

Drop by drop....he caught it in his little hands, ( it took 20 minutes....easy) and off he took again, back to the little fawn.

It suddenly became clear to me, the trouble he'd gotten into, last week, when he'd left the hose running and the lecture he'd gotten for wasting water....he was not game to ask me to help him...

After the 20 minutes of filling his cupped hands...he stood up.......and there I stood....right in front of him!

His little eyes filled with tears....."I'm not wasting water..." was all he said and went back to "doing his job"
I went with him. As I stood and watched tears came to my eyes.

I was watching the most beautiful heart in action!

And....as my tears fell....there were drop.....drop.....drops in the dust!

It was as if God Himself was crying too....weeping with pride!

Some will say it was all just a coincidence, that it was bound to rain anyway and I can't argue with that....the rain saved a little fawn and it saved our farm!

But I say.....In all that we do....we need to totally give Him thanks and then our blessings will continue to multiply!

Don't tell God how big your storm is.....tell your storm how big your God is!



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