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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

THE THIRD MAN.........

Last night, I dreamt I took a walk on Calvary's lonely hill.

The things I saw with my own eyes could not have been more real!

I saw upon three crosses.....three men...in agony!

I cried out for mercy.....and the third man.....looked at me!

And, oh, the hurt....in this man's eyes just broke my heart in two
it seemed that I could hear Him say, "I'm doing this....for you.

I knelt beneath that third man's cross and slowly bowed my head
and, as I reached to touch His feet....they stained my hands.....with red!

Then, when I heard Him cry with pain, I raised my eyes to see
blood spilled from the third man's side.....and some of it spilled on me!

The third man wore a crown of thorns....spikes held Him to the tree and I heard Him say,
" O God,...My God.....hast Thou forsaken Me?"

And there, within the mighty crowd, were ones who mocked and cried,
" King?.....save thyself if thou art king.....and then....
the third man died!

Suddenly I heard the thunder roar....saw lightning pierce the sky
the third man ws still hanging there...and I began to cry!

I saw the wall was falling and heard the breaking....in the crowd
and then I woke and thought I'd dreamed, I touched my cheek
and found my eyes were wet where I had cried, and in my mind I knew....

I still can hear the third man say..."I'm doing this.....for you..."

Bless you...


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