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Friday, December 23, 2011

What is under your tree?

Emotions are magnified a hundred-fold at Christmas, and the strain on small budgets so enormous as the desperate desire to "provide some Christmas", becomes the driving force and critical budgets are busted wide open. There is nothing placed under the tree or wrapped in glittery paper which truly has any real value.

What truly has value is not what is under the tree, but He who hung upon the tree. What truly has value are the hearts which gather together in love which is shared. The poorest table becomes a King's feast when family gathers to partake. A bowl of watery soup is a true feast when it is blessed by God and partaken by hearts which love. Our Lord was laid in a humble manger among the animals, the lowest of environments, below even the humblest of abodes, as He came to save all from the lowest of circumstances.

Christmas was outlawed by the Puritans in America, because it was a European time of debauchery and excess, gluttony and drunken revelings. It was the Germanic and European influences which brought it back in the 1800s. It is the corporations which truly celebrate as soon as they can shove Thanksgiving aside.

May we place the the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives, and may we lay the stress and need to buy huge quantities of glittery fluff aside, and seek to share true unconditional love with our families and those around. A five dollar bill in a charity bucket will mean so much more than a fruit basket on a table. May we take the time to share His love and our love with those dear ones, and those around. We have so many blessing so much to be thankful for. May we reach out in love and caring. May God so bless you.

Thank you Caretaker...

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